Monday, September 29, 2008

How to survive a holiday dinner.

The Jewish Holidays are here again. Those of you who celebrate them know what that means- LOTS OF FOOD! How can you enjoy this holiday (or any holiday) without gaining weight? It is a struggle, especially if you have family pushing unhealthy dishes on you.

I will share my survival strategy. I pick my favorite unhealthy dish and make sure that I eat a reasonable portion of it. Knowing that I will be able to indulge in something wonderful makes it easier to pass on the less-wonderful, but still tasty, dishes.

I love noodle kugel. My grandmother used to make the best kugel and although nobody's can compare to hers, I still do love it! So I will be eating noodle kugel at my Rosh Hashana dinner. I will not, however, be eating brisket this year. I really enjoy brisket, but not as much as noodle kugel. So I will resist the the brisket in an effort to keep my calorie intake in control. I will also pass on the other fattening foods and concentrate on the (few) healthy options available. I will have turkey and vegetables with my noodle kugel.

The same goes for dessert. Offer to bring fruit salad to your dinner, even if the host doesn't ask you to. This way you can ensure that there will be a healthy dessert option. Don't waste calories on desserts that you can eat any time. So pass on those store-bought brownies and cookies. Instead, opt for the desserts you don't often get to eat. I am going to have a (small) piece of my Aunt Robin's famous brownies. They are decadent and she doesn't make them often. And I will enjoy every bite!

L' Shana Tovah!

Saturday, September 27, 2008

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I just want to let you know that I welcome all of your questions and comments. I can see that you are reading my blog- so write to me! I promise to write back.

Friday, September 26, 2008

My child MUST eat McDonalds!?!

As shocking as this may be, some mothers are insisting that their children be allowed to eat McDonalds for lunch during school. The Roslyn Middle School principal told the district Health and Safety Committee that each day at lunch, many mothers drive to the school to drop off fast food for their children to eat at lunchtime. What? I can't imagine being so insistent that my child eat something so unhealthy for lunch that I would stop what I am doing during the day, drive to a fast food restaurant, wait on line, and then drive the food to school. And for what? So my child wouldn't have to eat a turkey sandwich for lunch?

The Middle School will be sending home a note explaining that parents may not drop off store-bought lunches in the middle of the day. But what I think is more concerning is that these parents don't realize how harmful this food is for their children. It's one thing to bring a child to Burger King as a treat (although I don't actually do this with my kids). But it's quite another to make sure that this food is a staple of their diet and to go through so much effort to make sure they have constant access to it.

Moms- regardless of the changes made in our school lunch system, nothing beats a brown bag lunch. When you make your child's lunch, you are in complete control of what they are eating. Let's bring back the turkey sandwich.

My ideal school lunch: 2 slices of reduced-calorie whole wheat bread
6 slices of turkey breast, 5 slices of roast beef, OR 4 slices of ham
1 slice of fat-free cheese

1 yogurt or 1 piece of string cheese

100 calorie pack of something yummy

water or crystal light

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Roslyn School District

I had a great day yesterday. I was invited to attend a Health and Safety Committee meeting for the Roslyn School District. Various topics were discussed, including the nutritional value of the foods served in the school cafeterias. I was thrilled to discover that the district had hired somebody to revamp the school lunch offerings. She has already made major strides, including serving whole wheat thin crust pizza made with 2% reduced fat cheese (instead of regular pizza). She also had all the school district deep fryers recycled into scrap metal, since she refuses to allow anything deep fried to be served in Roslyn schools. But what made me even happier was the fact that she (and the entire district, including the Superintendent) were completely open to hearing my suggestions. In fact, we have scheduled a meeting to go through the food choices from start to finish! It is fabulous that our schools are starting to take our children's health more seriously.

There is something that you all can do... please call your school board representatives and your PTA presidents and let them know that you are concerned about the foods offered at your local school. I have been learning a lot about how the school systems work. It seems that it is almost impossible to get anything accomplished without the support of the parents and the PTA. So please make sure that your community leaders know how strongly you feel about this issue! Get involved! Our children need all of our help to ensure their safe futures.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

McDonald's does it again

Well... McDonald's has done it again. Have you guys seen their new ads for the 'third of a pounder' hamburger? What happened- our children weren't getting heavy enough with the quarter pounder so they decided to increase the serving size? Were that many people leaving McDonald's hungry? I'm sorry but nobody should be eating such a large serving size. It's no wonder that the patients in my office have no concept of how much they should eat. When I show them a model of a portion of pasta, they are shocked. They ask, 'how come I am given five times that amount when I go to a restaurant?" Unfortunately, I have no answer for them.

Parents- please be aware of how much your children are eating, especially in restaurants. It is best to order one dish for two children to split, especially with pasta. Restaurant portions are so large and we don't want our children to become accustomed to eating an entire restaurant plate. Get them used to sharing from an early age. Make sure your children understand that restaurant portions are very inflated.

Monday, September 22, 2008

I'm back!

Hi everybody! I'm sorry for the blogging hiatus but I have been very busy. My practice has undergone lots of changes.

First- we have a new name. We are now called 'Dr. Dolgoff's Weigh: Child and Adolescent Weight Management Program. The change was due to trademark stuff.

Second- we have a new location. We are now at 216 Willis Avenue in Roslyn Heights, N.Y. We now have a suite of offices all to ourself! It feels so great to have so much more space.

Third- my practice have grown. We now have a fabulous Registered Dietician, Lori Palma and a great Social Worker, Danna Gordon. And Marianne Belziti is our incredible Patient Coordinator.

Our new website is

You can reach us at our new e-mail addresses:

Joanna Dolgoff, MD
Lori Palma, RD
Danna Gordon, SW
Marianne Belziti

Our phone number is still 516-801-0022. Feel free to reach out to us at anytime!